Black Tears Cuban Spiced Rum Cocktail Party



Friday 26th March


From 20:00



To start Spring, and end Lockdown, we thought we would have a little Black Tears Dry Spiced ‘end of lockdown’ cocktail party!

For the normal price of a bottle of Black Tears Dry Spiced rum, you will also receive ALL non-perishable ingredients needed to make 4 drinks which will be presented and made live with UK brand ambassador Peter Thornton. These ingredients include 2 hand batched/bespoke syrups which, like the cocktails themselves, have been created just for this event.

The drinks are all very different, using different bartender skills and serve types – its educational, so it’s all good!

Full recipes and instructions will be emailed to you post purchase.

Get your friends and family invited along and lets all raise a glass (or 4!) to the beginning of the end for Lockdown! There will be good rum, good cocktails and some party tunes to (try) and sing along to and shimmy around the kitchen – a standard Friday night now hey!?

Cant wait to see you online for one heck of a send off!

What’s in the Pack?

1 x 70cl Black Tears Dry Spiced rum
9 x pre measured, ready to go cocktail drams incl. lime juice, sugar syrup and specially created syrups
1 x Sekford Spiced Rum mixer

Tickets will be available until Thursday 18th March. This is a UK exclusive event!