Damoiseau Pure Cane Rhum

Damoiseau Pure Cane Rhum is crafted with fresh pressed sugarcane juice from the French Caribbean island of  Guadeloupe. A silky smooth white rhum, it is distilled once and rested 6 months in an oak vat before it is slowly reduced to bottle proof with the addition of distilled natural spring water. The character of this rhum is unparalleled with savory aromas and tropical flavors of the exemplary Guadeloupian style of fine Rhum Agricole


Nose: Heavy notes of olive, mixed with green apple and grass.

Palate: Olive and brine mixed with grass and citrus. Long lasting finish with a warm mouthfeel.

STILL                       COLUMN

ALCOHOL               40%

VOLUME                 0.7L

AGE                          UNAGED