Damoiseau VSOP

The intense tropical humid days and temperate nights in Guadeloupe make for an aggressive aging climate for optimum wood and rhum interaction. The result is a well-balanced toasted oak and jam preserved fruit forward flavour profile that still maintains the signature dry finish of Rhum Agricole. Bestowed with a beautiful warm amber color, Damoiseau VSOP Rhum has a moderately off-dry body and is characterized by its exotic bouquet and aromas of dried fruits and spices. With a long fade of charred sugar cane and peppery spices on the finish, it is a luxuriously exotic treat. Damoiseau VSOP Rhum is aged a minimum of 4 years in ex-bourbon barrels.


Nose: Bestowed with a beautiful warm and amber colour, it is characterized by the plenitude of its bouquet, and by aromas of roasted dry fruits and spices.

Palate: dry spices, with hints of citrus and oak


STILL                       COLUMN

ALCOHOL               42%

VOLUME                 0.7L

AGE                          4 years