La Progresiva Mezcla 13


La Progresiva Mezcla 13 is a lovingly crafted blend of some of the island’s finest aged rums, from stocks that were hidden away in the aging houses of the heritage and luxury Cuban rum stable, Vigia. From within these traditional aging houses, under the highly respected Vigia brand, this new prestige sipping rum has been blended to perfection by a team of female Ron Maestro’s, and is tailored to the progressive craft spirits drinker.


This new and exciting luxury sipping rum should be savoured like a rare whiskey or fine Cognac; elegant and dry, it can be enjoyed with a single large ice cube and a twist of orange peel, or at room temperature in a balloon glass. La Progresiva Mezcla 13 also shines in many a classic cocktail such as a Negroni or an Old-Fashioned.


Containing only 5.5 grams of sugar per liquid litre, this fine rum has a dry, mellow character with notes of subtle ripe citrus, deep rich sweetness of molasses and smokey, but smooth woody notes.  

Quality Cuban Rum

In a sleepy settlement in central Cuba, a trove of fine heritage spirits gathered dust for years. On 6 October 2019, a precious bottling from theserare casks reached the world: La Progresiva 13 by Vigia, a luxury sipping rum from Cuba. Female master blenders craft La Progresiva from spirits grown in the red soil of  Ciego de Ávila, central Cuba, where rum has been produced since 1577, at Bodega Vigia outside Havana. Vigia rums were originally reserved as gifts for visiting heads of state and the seal remains a mark of Cuban quality.

STILL                       COLUMN

ALCOHOL               40%

VOLUME                 70cL

AGE                          Blend of 11, 13 and 15 year

Sugar                    5.5g/litre

PRODUCED BY     Island Rum Company