S.B.S. Australia 2007


S.B.S Australia 2007 comes from a single cask, which yielded 323 bottles. It is a molasses based rum, which was distilled in Australia in 2007 and bottled in Denmark in February 2020. S.B.S Australia 2007 is the first S.B.S expression from Down Under. A very interesting rum distilled in a pot still with a complex flavor profile, bottled at 55% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Nose: This rum needs some time to develop it’s aromas. It greets you with chemical notes of nail polish and plastic to begin with but develops beautifully complex aromas of figs and citrus fruits after some time.

Taste: Grassy note with hints of ripe figs. A bitter finish but nonetheless very round in flavor.

STILL                       Pot

ALCOHOL               55%

VOLUME                 0.7L

AGE                         13 YEARS

PRODUCED BY     Undisclosed