S.B.S. Barbados 2009


S.B.S Barbados 2009 comes from a single cask, which yielded 310 bottles. It is a molasses based rum, which was distilled at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados in 2008 and bottled in Denmark in August 2019. Foursquare Distillery uses both column and pot stills for the production of rum. Unfortunately, it is not know which stills have been used for this expression. After primarily maturing in an ex-Bourbon barrel, S.B.S Barbados 2009 enjoyed a second maturation in a Marsala cask for 17 months.

Tasting Notes

Nose: The alcohol is dominant but without being aggressive. First marsala, next apple compote and vanilla.

Palate: Ripe apples almost Calvados-ish. Tea, hazelnut, toast and buttercream

STILL                       Pot & Column Blend

ALCOHOL               52%

VOLUME                 0.7L

AGE                         11 YEARS

PRODUCED BY     Foursquare