S.B.S. Jamaica 2015


S.B.S Jamaica 2015 comes from a single cask, which yielded 203 bottles. It is a molasses based rum, which was distilled in Jamaica in 2015 and bottled in Denmark in August 2019. S.B.S Jamaica 2015 has obtained the perfect finish by aging for 12 months in Denmark in casks that have previously contained Pedro Ximinez sherry.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Clear notes of high esters reminding of a tropical fruit cocktail. The PX finish adds a nutty touch as well as aromas of caramelized brown sugar and ripe plums.

Palate: Lush, dark fruits with a hint of nuts adding a subtle bitterness. The finish is very long lasting

STILL                       POT

ALCOHOL               55%

VOLUME                 0.7L

AGE                         4 YEARS

PRODUCED BY     Undisclosed