Montanya Exclusiva

Longer aging gives this Montanya Rum an incredible smoothness and makes it a connoisseur’s sipper. The Exclusiva is a limited release currently available in Colorado and Illinois. It is barrel aged for a total of three years—two and a half in an American White Oak barrel that previously held Colorado whiskey, followed by six months in a French Oak barrel that previously aged Sutcliffe Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon and Port. This three-year aged rum has a dry, tannic finish that is very rare in aged rums. The flavor profile is extremely complex as cinnamon meets red wine, honey meets vanilla, and none of the above overwhelm your palate with sweetness. Plus, no added sugar.

The Exclusiva won a gold medal at the Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards and is perfect for a Rum Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Ti’ Punch, or sipping straight.


Following Tradition

We batch distill in the mountains using alembic copper pot stills over open flames, following in the footsteps of the earliest rum makers. These traditions add something hard to measure but so central to the way we make unique, American rum: the human element. Because distilling is more than a science. It’s also an art.

Pot Stil
3 Years
Produced By
Montanya Distillers



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